175cm Cat Tree House With Cat House Sisal Post Durable & Comfortable Cat Climbing Multi-storied Deluxe Frame Set (Brown 1)

Comfortable & Healthy: It is covered by plush, which is warm and soft, and your cat will feel comfortable especially in cold winter. The post is covered by natural sisal, which is nontoxic and healthy to your cats.
Durable & Stable: Constructed from selected shaving board, which is durable and hard, makes the cat tree house stable and sturdy, and your cat will have a safe place to play and rest.
Sharpening Claws: All the posts are covered by sisal, which is suitable for your cats to sharpen its claws, and your furniture will not be damaged by cats’ claws anymore.

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1x Coffee Soft Fleece Warm Pet Dog/Cat Bed Blankets Pet Blanket Soft Coral Velvet mat Blanket(M)

100% Brand New and High Quality
Material: Double-sidedfleece
Color: (The ash bottom black claw /Black white PAWS / Powdery bottom black claw Brown black claw / Blue / brown white yellow claw claw)

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A4Pet Feral Cat, Rabbit, Small Animal House for Indoor or Outdoor Use

10% OFF: If you buy this as a shelter for stray cats, please kindly contact with us, we’d like to offer a 10% discount for you
Easy to put together, all screw holes are pre-drilled and the house has been assembled in factory to make sure there is no problem
Hinged top allows easy access for cleaning or bedding

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A4Pet Weatherproof Outdoor Cat House Shelter with Balcony and Stair

If you buy this as a shelter for stray cats, please kindly contact with us, we’d like to offer a 10% discount for you
Easy to put together, all screw holes are pre-drilled and the house has been assembled in factory to make sure there is no problem
Removable floor, makes it easy to clean

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ALCYONEUS Soft Kitten Cat Dog House Puppy Cave Pet Sleeping Bed Mat Pad Igloo Nest (Brown)

Made of high quality plush and PP cotton.
Lovely pet bed for small dogs and cats.
Slipper shed design, fit for small dogs and cats.

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AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House, Brown

Cube-shaped cat house offers kitty a fun, relaxing place to lounge, hide, and play
Suede side and bottom; cozy sherpa top with a soft suede raised-border edge for added structure and comfort
Interior den-like hiding space for napping; circular cut-outs promote interactive play

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AMZNOVA Cat Scratching Pad, Durable Cardboard, Colors Series, Narrow, Pink

Modern and smart design nicely blends into most home décor
Made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard
Reversible feature makes the scratching life last longer than most others

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Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratch Post, 70 cm, Chocolate

Plush and sisal rope
The biggest and toughest cat post
Strong and sturdy

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Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratch Post, Blue

Cats can play, climb and sharpen their claws without damaging furniture
Suitable for large cats can get a full stretch
Soft short-plush cover for ultimate comfort

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Ancol Acticat Premo Deluxe Scratch Post Choc/Cream

Basic carpet style scratcher.
Features play toy.
Used soft plush material for the play and relaxation.

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Animals Favorite Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy

A fun distracting toy and reliever provides a healthy outlet for your cat’s natural hunting instincts
Made from safe, non-toxic materials, non-harmful sisal fiber wrapping, perfect to stimulate cat’s natural habits
Interactive playful toy with butterfly on the top; platform covered with equally scratching material

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Art of Paws Electric Heated Pet Bed; Warm Wooly Heated Pet Mat Electric Heated Cat Bed and Ideal Heated Dog Pad; 100% Money Back

KEEP YOUR PETS HEALTHY! The Art of Paws pet heating pad is designed to keep cats of all Ages comfortable and warm at all Times of the year; the heated pet bed provides an IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST as cats are sensitive to the cold, much like humans are. When cats get cold they are more likely to become sick. A constant source of warmth ensures your pet gets adequate rest and their immune system remains strong.
PROVIDE RELIEF FOR OLDER PETS when your pet experiences joint stiffness or pain, they have no way to communicate this to you, but with a cat heating pad they can self-treat and enjoy better mobility. Particularly suitable for SURGERY RECOVERY, ARTHRITIS, BONE AND JOINT ISSUES and for the Colder months of the year.
ECONOMICAL & EASY TO CLEAN the low voltage internal thermometer automatically adjusts to your pet’s presence or absence. Just plug it in and it warms to a tempting temperature just above room air, then heats up more when your pet returns. Built-in overheating protection keeps you worry-free, and so does our bite-proof, chew-resistant cord. The soft fleece cover is machine washable, but DO NOT allow the inner electric wiring of the heated pet mat to get wet.

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